General terms of sale of guest house & rooms

Article 1

The booking is effective from reception by return of post of a deposit of 30 % of the total amount of the stay with a minimum of an overnight stay by reserved room, and a signed booking contract.
Absence of retraction : for all the bookings, the hosts do not benefit from the withdrawal period and it is true according to the article L221-28 of the relative Code of the Consumption in particular in the services of accommodation supplied in a date or according to a determined periodicity.

Article 2

In case of cancellation by the customer, this one must be notified to the DOMAIN TESSERON by mail, fax or e-mail :
1. Cancellation less than 15 days before the stay : the deposit remains acquired.
2. Cancellation less than 15 days before the stay or if the customer does not show himself before 7 pm the day of arrival : the completeness of the stay is due.
3. In case of early departure, the completeness of the stay is due.

Article 3

In case of cancellation of the stay by the DOMAIN TESSERON, this one will pay back the entire amount paid by the customer.

Article 4

Any particular request on behalf of the hosts will possibly be studied and validated by mutual agreement with the DOMAIN TESSERON.

Article 5

The hosts make a commitment to respect the peace of mind of places and to leave the room in perfect condition :
1. The DOMAIN TESSERON is non-smoking in rooms and in common areas (ashtrays are given outside).
2. In case of degradation, the customer makes a commitment to pay the expenses of refund of the damaged elements.
3. At the end of the stay, if the room is left very dirty, the DOMAIN TESSERON can require the payment of cleaning of 60€ the restoration of the room.
4. By measure of hygiene, the domain does not accept pets. This refusal can be considered on no account as a modification or a breach of the contract on the initiative of the DOMAIN TESSERON: in case of departure of the customer, no refund can be envisaged.

Article 6

The customers make a commitment to acquaint with safety instructions specific to the Domain and the swimming pool (rules available in rooms and at the pool-house).

Article 7

The balance of the stay is to be settled on arrival in the Domain, the tourist tax will be notified in extra on the invoice.
Accepted payments : bank transfer, bank card (except American Express), check, cash.

General conditions of products sale

Legal informations
Minors and legal capacity
The prescription n°59-107 of January 7th, 1959, the law n°74-631 of July 5th, 1974 and the article L.3353-3 of the Public health code forbid the sale of alcohol to minors. Every customer ordering of alcohol the Domain Tesseron makes as a consequence a commitment be over 18 years in the order date.

Abuse of alcohol
Please drink responsibly.

Any complaint will have to be made with
SCEA Jean-Philippe TESSERON & Fils
Logis des Bessons
17770 MIGRON
N° SIRET : 343 865 937 000 19 – N° TVA : FR 10343865937- N° Accise : FR 093209 E0136

Or at the customer service : +33 (0)5 46 94 91 16
From monday to saturday, 10am to 12:30am and 14:30pm to 18:30pm

Article 1 : Application of general terms of sale

The present conditions apply to any sale of product by the DOMAIN TESSERON taken by mail or by phone. The website does not allow on-line orders.
The present conditions are available on the home page of the website, in the footer.
Ordering involves the acceptance by the buyer of the conditions, with the exception of document such as leaflet or catalog emitted by the seller, whose value is only indicative.
Sales conditions have to match the terms and conditions sales uptades.
Website’s offers are only for private sales, not for retailers.
The DOMAIN TESSERON reserves the right to ask new customers for an identification and proof of residence, before validating their first order.
No deliveries outside France and the Principality of Monaco.

Article 2 : Prices

Our prices are indicated on the order form to be downloaded on the page “Shop” of the web site The order form is regularly updated. The prices are in euros and incluted taxes  and do not include delivery charges.

Article 3 : How to order

1. The order supposes the preliminary apprehension by the customer of the present conditions, the price and the essential characteristics of chosen, available alcohols in stock.
2.The order taking is made through the on-line dematerialized order form on the web site of the DOMAIN TESSERON.
3. The buyer must make sure to give all necessary details via email or via phone to the Customer service, such as complete delivery adress and access codes if needed.
4. The DOMAIN TESSERON confirms the order to the buyer by e-mail or by telephone recapitulating the latter, as well as the modalities of exercise of the right to withdraw, the address of the establishment of the seller beside of which the buyer can present his complaints and the information relative to the after-sales service and to the commercial guarantees.
5. Any order is considered firm and final, after reception of the deposit or the complete payment and the confirmation by our services.

Article 4 : Date of payment

1. Any order of alcohol can be validated only if it is accompanied by the payment (bank card by telephone, bank transfer, sending check by mail way) of the whole lot or the deposit of the price inclusive of tax.
2.In case of absence of reception of the payment by the DOMAIN TESSERON at the latest ten days after the order, this one is automatically cancelled.

Article 5 : Payment methods

1. By bank card, in Euros, (Credit card, Visa card, Eurocard / MasterCard) payment by telephone, secured with the owner by means of an electronic payment terminal (within the limits of 500€).
2. By check in Euros (within the limits of 500€), compensable in a French bank, in the order of the SCEA Jean-Philippe TESSERON & Fils.
The check in the back of which the attributed number of order will have been put back by the buyer, must be sent at the following address : DOMAINE TESSERON – Logis des Bessons 17770 MIGRON – FRANCE
3. By bank transfer (details on request by email or telephone).

Article 6 : Transfert of property

The transfer of the property of alcohols to the buyer is delayed until the complete payment of the order.

Article 7 : Availibility of products

Offers are subject to availabilities.
If a product is unavailable, it will be refunded in full as soon as possible.

Article 8 : Destruction

In case of destruction of goods before planned date of delivery of the order, if no stock is available to proceed with the order, the buyer will be refunded in full, if he did’nt get any other compensation, within 30 days of the date of the damage.

Article 10 : Delivery

The order specifies the place of delivery or, when necessary, the buyer wants to collect the goods in the DOMAIN TESSERON shop. The buyer has to receive or collect the goods within 3 months following reception of his order.
Any modification of the place of delivery must be indicated by the buyer to the Customer service in due course and before the shipment is organized.

The indicative deadline of standard delivery is 7 working days following the day of treatment of the validated order (the treatment of the order is made within 24 hours by the validation of the latter), from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am till 12:30 am and from 2:30 pm till 6:30 pm, except exceptional circumstances.

If the delivery is not made on time, the buyer must notify the Customer Service as soon as possible to allow them to take measures to fix the problem, within 30 days.

When the goods are delivered on time and at the requested adress, the DOMAIN TESSERON is no longer liable for them.

In case of absence of the buyer at delivery,  the following applies if possible :
– for orders of 8 bottles or less, the parcel will be stored in the post office indicated on the receipt placed in the mailbox of the addressee.
– for orders of 9 bottles or more, done by shipping company, the latter will get in touch with the buyer for a second delivery, if a valid phone number was provided by the buyer.

If the buyer wants to collect the products at the shop of the DOMAIN TESSERON, a proof of ID will be required. If the buyer wants the collection done by a third party, he will need to give a written permission and a copy of his own identification.

The buyer has to check the condition of the parcel and its content at delivery. In case of damage or of defect of conformity, the buyer has to notify it on the delivery slip, specifying the noticed anomalies, and to warn the Customer service of it of the DOMAIN TESSERON within 48 hours of reception of alcohols, by registered letter. If a breakage is noticed, the buyer has to refuse the damaged parcel, indicate it on the delivery slip of the carrier and inform DOMAIN TESSERON ABOUT IT in the aforesaid conditions.

Article 11 : Withdrawal option

A withdrawal option is offered to the buyer by virtue of the article L.221-18 of the code of the consumption.
Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer has a deadline of 14 days to return the product (s) to the DOMAIN TESSERON and ask for a refund. When the deadline of 14 days expires on Saturday, Sunday or a none working day, it is extended until the next working day.
Products damaged after the delivery and the open bottles will not be taken back.
When the products were sold in a pack, the entire pack must be returned to the DOMAIN TESSERON, because of the indivisibility of the order and the price of the pack.
If the buyer wants to return the products after delivery, it has to be done within 14 days after notification of withdrawal to the DOMAIN TESSERON and at the buyer expense.

The statement of withdrawal option will have to contain the following compulsory mentions : name of the buyer, the geographical address and if necessary phone number, fax and e-mail address.

The statement can be made by every possible means:
By post at Domaine TESSERON – Logis des Bessons – 17770 MIGRON – FRANCE
Fax : +33(0)5 46 94 98 22

Then, the DOMAIN TESSERON will immediately give an acknowledgement of receipt of the retraction by fax, e-mail or mail way to the buyer.

The refund to the buyer will be done within 14 days from reception by the DOMAIN TESSERON of the decision of the buyer to retract, according to provisions of the article above.

The refund will be made by using the same means of payment as that used by the buyer for the order, except agreement between the buyer and the DOMAIN TESSERON for the use of another means of payment.

Article 12 : Quality of alcohols

The DOMAIN TESSERON can’t be held responsible on the other hand for possible quality damages caused by the transport of the alcohol.

Article 13 : Force majeure

The DOMAIN TESSERON cannot be held responsible for losses, damage or non-deliveries of an order consecutive to a case of force majeure (such as storms, floods, road deaths).

Article 14 : Provision of competence

The Customer service of the DOMAIN TESSERON is at your disposal to settle any problem consecutive to an order and to its execution. In case of impossibility to find an agreement, all the conflicts arisen from the execution of a order or from the interpretation of the present conditions, and more generally the agreements of all kinds concluded between the parts, will be attributed to the competent court.