During your stay, you can sample our Tesseron Pineau des Charentes and Cognac in our shop, the shop is open for visitors all year long. Harvested, distilled, aged and put together here on the family domaine for 5 generations, all our Pineaux and Cognacs have been carefully selected to make a unique products.

Shop at the Domain

Shop is open all year :

From April to October: every day
From November to March: Tuesday to Saturday

10  to 12.30 & 14.30 to 18.30

Pineaux des Charentes

Pineau blanc Miss Tell
Aged 6 years+

Pineau Rosé
Aged 12 years+

Pineau Blanc
Aged 12 years+

The Cocktails, Long Drink & Co

Liquor Alliance Cacao Tesseron

Liqueur Alliance Cacao
Liqueur based on Cognac, caramel, cocoa and vanilla

Cognac n°7 Tesseron

Cognac “n°7” (5 years)
Cognac with notes of exotic fruits, broom and vanilla

Cubana Cocktail
The “Cubana Cocktail” is an aperitif made of Cognac, lime and mint

Liqueur Café au Cognac XO
Liqueur that combines coffee, mocha, chocolate and aromas of vanilla spices

The Old Cognac

XO Grande Champagne
Aged 25 years+

XO Fins Bois
Aged 30 years+

Héritage Extra
Aged 35 years+

Héritage Borderies
Aged 40 years+

Héritage Fins Bois
Aged 50 years+

You can now order our bottles by downloading the order form and sending it to us by post or by email. Please refer to the terms and conditions of sales for more information.

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